Hydrogen. Special Issue: EHEC 2022. May 22

Hidrógeno. Especial: EHEC 2022. Mayo 22

Special report focusing on hydrogen, published as a separate issue to the March-April 2022 edition of FuturENERGY for its special distribution at EHEC 2022 (Spain, 18-20 May), where FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:


Comeval: valves and products for flow control


Green hydrogen as part of Europe’s puzzle. By Isabel Carrilero Borbujo, Chief Innovation Officer, Ignis Energía


Southwest Iberia’s hydrogen valley. By Avellaner, J.A, Technical Director; De Blas, J., Member of the Executive Committee and López-Rodriguez, F., Member of the Executive Committee, SOIH2-ALEX

Could SW Europe become the EU’s green hydrogen silo? Only with an H2 pipeline. By Juan de Blas Pombo, Member of the SOIH2-ALEX AEIE Hydrogen Valley Cluster

Spanish technology to solve the equation of green hydrogen storage. By Andrés Hernando, Founder and CEO of Hiperbaric

Advising the entire hydrogen value chain

LOHC technology: easier, safer, more cost-effective and sustainable fuel cells

Renewable hydrogen from electrolysis: the potential of a key technology for decarbonisation. By Felipe Benjumea Llorente, Chairman of H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies

Green hydrogen, a sustainable energy

Redexis, actively driving infrastructures for green hydrogen transport & distribution

The necessary boost to renewable gases against the backdrop of decarbonisation in Spain. By Fidel López Soria, CEO, Redexis