Hydrogen Yearbook 2021. Special Report: RENMAD Hidrógeno. February 22

Anuario Hidrógeno 2021. Especial: RENMAD Hidrógeno. Febrero 22

The Hydrogen Yearbook 2022 is a special report focusing on hydrogen, published for its special distribution at RENMAD Hidrógeno (Zaragoza, 23-24/02), where FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:

Hydrogen demand could triple to 2050

Hydrogen deployment accelerates with more than US$300bn in the pipeline

Hydrogen to contribute 20% of total required carbon abatement by 2050

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor, committed to progressing the decarbonisation of strategic sectors

The projects that will allow Spain to become a world reference in hydrogen. By Nuria Gisbert, general manager of CIC energiGUNEand Iñigo Careaga, business analyst at BCARE

Three projects to deploy the potential of green hydrogen in spain to decarbonise industry and transport

From the sun to green hydrogen in one step. By Mónica Sánchez, coordinator of Hydrogen Projects at Enagás

A driver of H2 development. By David Herrero, industrial director, Fertiberia Group

Prospects for developing the hydrogen market. By Ana García Vega, business development engineer at IZHARIA