IBC SOLAR targets the PV market in Colombia

IBC SOLAR AG together with its local Premium Partner Colombinvest has planned, designed, and installed an 18.5 kWp self-consumption PV system on the roof of the administrative building belonging to the energy supplier Grupo de Energia. The new PV system is thought to be one of the highest PV power systems in Colombia.

The solar power system is located high above the roofs of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. The pilot system was installed on top of the administrative building of Grupo de Energía de Bogotá, which is the main shareholder of the largest energy supplier in the Bogotá region. If the pilot is successful, PV technology generating energy for self-consumption could be installed at further administrative centres across Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru.

The main challenge posed by this project was installing enough solar modules on the building’s limited available surface to generate at least 10 per cent of its annual energy needs, currently around 264,000 kWh per year. To this end, 56 high-performance modules and 2 three-phase transformerless inverters from European manufacturers have been installed. These will generate 24,500 kWh per year, thus enabling the project to meet the investor’s target. Since being commissioned in March 2015 by IBC SOLAR and Colombinvest, the system has generated 11,690 kWh of solar power, with daily peaks of 20 kVA solar generation.

In Colombia, PV technology is considered a good alternative source of energy as it is helping to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels, which currently account for 1/3 of the power generation in the country. Furthermore, solar energy is an important supplement to traditionally-used hydropower, especially during such periods of draught as those currently being experienced in the region.

IBC SOLAR is internationally established, with subsidiaries and Premium Partners in more than 30 international markets inside and outside Europe. In the 30 years since it was founded, premium partnerships have proven useful for IBC SOLAR in many respects. The Premium Partners are well established in their respective markets and are familiar with cultural practices, conventions, and legal requirements. This means they are able to offer solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of their customers. In return, IBC SOLAR not only guarantees a reliable supply of high-quality products and unique services, but access to the know-how and experience of one of the PV industry’s leading pioneers.