Iberdrola Engineering is awarded a 66 M€ contract with Pemex in Mexico

Iberdrola Engineering has been awarded a 66 million Euro contract in Mexico to build an interconnection system that will join Salamanca’s cogeneration plant to Ingeniero Antonio M. Amor refinery (RIAMA). It is the first agreement entered into between the Company and multinational oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).
The project will be developed during the course of 18 months on a turnkey basis method, and it will include building a concrete rack of over 2.5 kilometers long which will carry high and medium pressure steam generated by Salamanca’s cogeneration plant to the aforementioned refinery, both located in Guanajuato state, central Mexico.
In addition, this initiative also means implementing a large plant for the treatment of condensation water, a degasification system, several pumping mechanisms and other auxiliary infrastructures.
High pressure steam will be used by RIAMA for generating electric power through turbines located in the refinery. Moreover, medium pressure steam will be used in the different productive phases of this installation. Afterwards, all that condensed steam will be sent back to Salamanca’s cogeneration plant -373 megawatts (MW), 579 Ton/hr of high pressure steam and 83 Ton/hr of medium pressure steam-, which is currently being built by Iberdrola Engineering for the Federal Power Committee (Comisión Federal de Electricidad, CFE), which will later be in charge of its operation.
It is worth mentioning that most of the work will be done while Pemex’s refinery is operating; for this reason, special safety and coordination measures will be taken while the work takes place.
This project strengthens Iberdrola Engineering as one of the most international companies in its sector. The company is present already in around 40 countries and, in recent months, it has won several tenders in very competitive markets such as those in Germany, Canada or the United States.
The main activity of the Iberdrola subsidiary is to perform engineering and construction works, both for other corporations of the Group and for third parties, in areas related to generation, nuclear, networks and renewable energies.