Iberdrola Ingeniería and Elecnor Deimos along with the European Space Agency develop a programme to manage offshore wind farms

Iberdrola Engineering and Elecnor Deimos, through their UK subsidiaries have initiated the development of the SUMO project (Support of Maritime Operations in Offshore Windfarms), an initiative that aims to create a benchmark in the industry system for wind farm management marine (offshore).

This pioneering initiative will be carried out with support from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), UK and the European Space Agency (ESA), which made ​​participation in the program Demonstration ARTS 20, which is promoting the use of technologies originally developed for aerospace products in other sectors.

This collaboration will be critical to the project’s success, as the ESA, which assist 20 countries in the EU, is the leading European organization focused on aerospace, which has become a world leader.
It is envisaged that the SUMO system covering the entire process of development of offshore wind farms.

Furthermore, it will also involve Satellite Applications Catapult UK, will bring his knowledge in the creation of a maritime cloud for this country.

It is envisaged that the SUMO system covering the entire process of development of offshore wind farms, as they can be applied both in the construction phase and in the subsequent operation and maintenance.[sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]
The project will be the first to integrate a set of diagnostic tools and ocean weather forecasting next-generation products and services developed in the aerospace sector. These applications include the use of satellite images in high resolution, or use geolocation methods of people and objects.

All information obtained through this new system born SUMO project the user will be shown on a visual interface that will allow easy access to key information in planning and control of this type of marine facilities for power generation.

For the development of this project, Iberdrola Engineering and Elecnor Deimos will combine their expertise in the field of wind energy. To do this, it will integrate technology and knowledge gained in the project metoceánica prediction in marine parks EnvirOffshore, developed by Iberdrola subsidiary, and Kyros platform developed by Elecnor Deimos, which allows the tracing and tracking of people and objects.

In addition, Iberdrola Engineering will develop a new module for ocean weather prediction, which shall consist of numerical simulation tools for high-resolution atmospheric, ocean and wave, to be implemented on a computer platform supercomputing and allow you to have the key variables in marine operations (wind speed, wave height, current velocity and temperature).

The ultimate goal of the project is Iberdrola to implement this new system in one of the offshore wind farms to launch in the coming years. In this regard, note the firm commitment of the Group’s offshore energy, which will be reflected this year with the entry of its first facility of its kind, the West of Duddon Sands (WODs) in UK, which will 389 MW of power.