Iberdrola and Barcelona Supercomputing Center to develop the wind production estimate project

Iberdrola and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center are jointly developing a major R+D+i initiative, called the Sedar Project. SEDAR is an innovative project aiming to develop a new computer model to improve electrical energy production estimates on wind farms before they are built.
Current models have a significant limitation in their calculation time, whereas this one has succeeded in overcoming this drawback by using supercomputing techniques. The project is also going to deliver improvements in the resolution of physical models which to date have been limited by computing lags.
In an initial stage, which is already at the testing phase, the project will incorporate additional guarantees into the design of forthcoming wind installations by identifying the most suitable locations for installing wind turbines, as well as reducing uncertainty when investing in this kind of study. This stage of the project, which is using Alya Green software, can be applied in new land and offshore wind farms.
Iberdrola and Barcelona Supercomputing Center are using Spain’s most important super-computer, Mare Nostrum, also one of the most powerful in the world, for the Sedar project. The organisations have agreed to use BSC’s installations both for developing the model and for its later execution on Iberdrola’s new wind projects.
The Sedar project confirms Iberdrola’s position as the benchmark company in renewables research projects, making it possible to design wind farm investments with less risk exposure.