The Iberdrola Group, via its engineering and construction subsidiary, and Gamesa have launched a pioneering system in the wind power sector that will allow the use of a single interface to remotely manage any wind turbine model installed anywhere in the world. Based on the know-how and experience of both companies in the wind power sector, this new system, known as WindCORE® + WindOne®, will permit the remote control and monitoring of wind farms, as well as being able to analyse their operating data and generate reports with a view to optimising their electricity output.

This tool developed by Iberdrola and Gamesa now plays a crucial role in enabling operators to supervise, in real time and from one single control centre, the multiple variables that can affect a wind farm, ranging from the wind speed at each turbine to the temperature, intensity and output of the machines. The results of these variables enable the development of forecasting models, which in turn facilitate operation and maintenance tasks.

The WindCORE® + WindOne® system is also capable of using a single interface to operate machines made by any manufacturer, instead of having to use a different programme for each technology, as is the case with the majority of systems of this kind employed to date.