With LED technology: energy saving, comfort and security at two fruit and vegetable plants

The lighting solutions from Schréder Socelec have achieved a high level of quality in the lighting renovation of the premises of Cañamás Hnos., a company specialising in the cultivation and processing of citrus fruits, by providing a high performance LED alternative at minimal cost to the owners. Thanks to the solution adopted, a saving of around 75% has been achieved compared to the total consumption of the previous lighting system that comprised old floodlights/bell lamps. In addition to saving energy, both security and comfort have been enhanced at premises that have a considerable movement of workers and vehicles.

Cañamás Hnos., in collaboration with Schréder Socelec, has renovated the lighting at its fruit and vegetable plants located in Oliva and in L’Alcudia (Valencia) where the citrus fruit grown on its land is handled and processed.

Schréder Socelec undertook a detailed study of the different industrial areas in which the employees work with different types of machines that create potentially dangerous situations. These areas require lighting levels that are adapted to that specific environment to guarantee the safety of the workers. Moreover, the luminaires have had to adapt to special conditions (flameproof, extreme temperature-proof, explosionproof, etc.).Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2016