Energy prepayment system introduced for a 91-home housing complex

GrupoSimec Energía has introduced Spain’s first prepaid energy system in San Sebastián. It operates the same way as mobile phones but is oriented towards energy for homes. A device called STECHome controls the energy in the house and from that point the unit gradually deducts money from the user’s account as energy is consumed by the house, as long as there is a positive balance in the account. Users can thus see at all times what they are consuming and the money they have left, while paying only for what is consumed.
This is a new energy model for Spain, since users pay before consuming and can see in real time what they spend on energy. Once the balance falls below €10 the device sounds an alarm that alerts the consumer that he must top up the account, which he can do from the device itself, on Internet or through a free phone-in service.
A housing complex in San Sebastian with 91 homes is the first to try out this system which has been up and running now for 50 days. The company, GrupoSimec Energía, expects to reach over 1,000 homes installed this year. Right now the system is being presented to property managers and developers.