Implementing an energy services contract for the Catoira Town Council street lighting

The Catoira Town Council currently has a new model for street lighting management, a pioneering project in Galicia achieving average savings of around 82% on the initial consumption. The implementation of an energy services contract has allowed the Town Hall achieve an annual saving of 719 MWh and 237 t of CO2. Moreover, during the contract’s ten year validity period, to provide a reliable overview of the savings achieved and assess the achievement of the established objectives, the ESCO will undertake the metering and verification of the energy savings obtained.

The Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) model represents a change in how municipalities approach the investments necessary to execute large-scale projects. As of February 2016, only three municipalities in Galicia, out of a total of 314 town councils that comprise this Autonomous Community, had implemented energy services contracts. And this is despite such contracts representing a unique opportunity for administrations that need to invest in order to improve their energy systems and installations: under this contract format, measures can be implemented risk-free with the savings guaranteed by the contract.

The Catoira Town Council, accompanied by the technical assistance of the consultants Energea BC, was able to verify how its previous street lighting management model had become obsolete and awarded the energy services and integrated maintenance contract to SETGA with a guaranteed outcome for every street lighting installation owned by the Town Hall. Read more…

Ana Mª Siqueiro Araujo
Pablo Rodríguez Regueira
Energea BC

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2016