In Depth: An analysis of the energy sector in 2020 and outlook for 2021

The first edition of FuturENERGY to be published this year includes the now regular feature called “In depth: 2020 analysis”. A section in which renewable energy sector figures and associations review the key events of 2020, as well as offering their forecasts for the coming year.

This special report includes the following:

AEDIVE. My e-mobility letter to Artaban, the fourth Wise Man

FUNDACIÓN RENOVABLES. 2020, between change and pragmatism

APPA. An energy in need of a pathway

AEE. The wind power sector, driving the energy transition

UNEF. 2020, the year that transformed the energy model

PROTERMOSOLAR. 2020 summary and outlook for 2021

AEMER. Who has stolen my present?

ACOGEN. CHP, a huge support to energy intensive industry in times of COVID

GASINDUSTRIAL. Competitive gas: key for Spain’s industrial reactivation

AEPIBAL. Battery storage is essential in an electrified world

ANESE. It is time for ESCOs and their business model to be recognised and become  protagonists of the green recovery

ADHAC. DHC networks as a lever for the energy transition and the deployment of renewables in the heating and cooling sector