In Depth: Analysis of the energy sector in 2021 and forecasts for 2022. December 21-January 22

In Depth: Analysis of the energy sector in 2021 and forecasts for 2022. December 21-January 22

FuturENERGY is starting the year with the publication of our regular special feature in this December 2021-January 2022 issue, called “In Depth: 2021 Analysis”. A section in which energy sector figures and associations review the most important events that have taken place in the energy sector over 2021 and offer their thoughts on what 2022 holds for the different segments of the clean energy sector, namely renewable energies, wind power, PV, CSP, renewable O&M, energy services, CHP, natural gas, DHC networks, energy storage and e-mobility.

E-mobility. Beyond surveys, studies and data. Arturo Pérez de Lucia. Managing Director of AEDIVE, the Business Association for the Boosting and Development of the EV Market

Self-consumption, always and for ever the solutionRaquel Paule. General Manager of the Fundación Renovables

Renewables facing the challenge of their success. José María González Moya. Managing Director of APPA Renovables

La eólica afronta 2022 con grandes retos para continuar siendo la primera tecnología del mix energético españoMajor challenges facing wind power in 2022 to continue as the first technology in Spain’s energy mixJuan Virgilio Márquez. General manager of AEE, the Spanish Wind Energy Association

Spain must lead solar deployment, an opportunity for social and environmental responsibility. Chair of the Spanish PV Industry Association, UNEF

Review of the CSP sector in 2021. Gonzalo Martín. General Secretary of Protermosolar

Review of 2021 for the energy sector and outlook for the new year from the standpoint of renewable O&M. Iñigo Vázquez. Chairman of AEMER, the Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Maintenance Companies

A moment of transformation and positioning for ESCOs. Director of ANESE, the Spanish Association of Energy Services Companies

CHP in 2021: hanging on by a thread (for two years and counting). Javier Rodríguez. Managing Director of ACOGEN, the Spanish Cogeneration Association

Industrial gas consumers call for measures for 2022. Verónica Rivière. Chair of GasINDUSTRIAL

Current situation and outlook for the DHC networks sector in Spain. Ignacio Arenales Saul. Deputy Secretary General of ADHAC, the Spanish Association of DHC Networks

The year we lived dangerously. Luis Marquina. Chair of AEPIBAL, the Spanish Batteries and Energy Storage Business Association