Inauguration of Dulces Nombres II CCGT plant in Mexico

Iberdrola has inaugurated Dulces Nombres II, a 300-MW combined cycle power plant (CCGT) next to the city of Monterrey, in the State of Nuevo León, designed to cover the power demand of the region’s flourishing industrial sector.

The dedication event was attended by the Chairman and CEO of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán; the Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Codwell; Secretary of the Economy Idelfonso Guajardo and the General Director of the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Jaime Hernández.


This state-of-the-art gas combined cycle plant, which required an investment of $250 million, will cover the increased electricity demand of the industrial sector in Nuevo León, one of Mexico’s largest and fastest growing industrial areas. Dulces Nombres II incorporates the industry’s latest technology advances, enabling it to run more efficiently, with greater availability, reduced maintenance needs and improved environmental performance.

With this project, Iberdrola consolidates its position as the country’s largest private power producer with an installed capacity of nearly 6,000 MW and US$ 4 billion in cumulative investment. Also, the company is building 10 new power generation plants in Mexico, between gas-fired units and renewable energy projects, which total an additional 4,000 MW and represent an investment effort of US$ 3 billion, with the aim of bringing installed capacity to 10,000 MW by 2020. As a result of this strong commitment, Mexico will become Iberdrola’s largest electricity generation hub in 2019, overtaking its energy production in Spain.

This new facility ratchets up Iberdrola’s installed capacity in the State of Nuevo León which has become the company’s main electricity generation centre for private customers. To the existing 1,350 MW in the area, the company expects to incorporate an additional 850 MW by 2018 with the commissioning of the Noreste combined cycle plant.

Source: Iberdrola