Individual consumption metering can reduce heating consumption by 25%

According to the European Energy Efficiency Directive, 1.7 million Spanish homes with central heating systems should have installed water and heating meters or individual meters before 1 January 2017. A study carried out by the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares for AERCCA concludes that the installation of heat cost allocators and thermostatic valves could save the equivalent of eight months of electricity consumption in a typical home, in addition to reducing CO2 by an average of 61 tonnes per year.

The installation of heat cost allocators and thermostatic valves can save an average 24.7% on heating consumption in homes in multi-apartment buildings with central heating, according to the “Study on savings arising from individual heating metering in Spain”, undertaken by the Universidad de Alcalá for AERCCA, the Spanish Association of Heat Cost Allocators.


The average energy savings of the 1,349 homes analysed in Spain with collective or centralised heating installations, measured in absolute terms, amount to 7 GWh, the equivalent to 8 months electricity consumption by a typical home. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2017