Ingeteam commissions two PV plants in New Mexico

Ingeteam has commissioned two PV plants in the state of New Mexico, totaling 20 MW; adding to its 35 GW of power converters installed in the world. The two power plants are supplying the energy produced to PNM, a state electricity provider. They were constructed by the company Affordable Gransolar LLC, the American subsidiary of Grupo Gransolar.

These two PV plants have been constructed in 3 months and came online in November and December 2015, respectively. It is expected that they will produce a combined amount of energy of more than 57 GWh per year.

The largest of the two plants, Santolina Solar Energy Center, is located in the town of Bernalillo, close to Albuquerque, and has a rated power output of 10.5 MW distributed between five 2.1 MW power stations. The other PV plant, with a rated power output of 9.5 MW, is located on the outskirts of Santa Fe, the state capital. This plant is equipped with five Ingeteam power stations: four with a power output of 2.1 MW and one of 1.05 MW.

These power stations were supplied ready for field installation, given the fact that they already include all the necessary equipment: two 1,070 kW PV central inverters; a LV/MV transformer; medium voltage switchgear; and auxiliary services switchgear. All these elements are suitable for outdoor installation.