Ingeteam consolidates its leadership in Mexico

Spain’s Ingeteam has consolidated its position as the indisputable leader in the Mexican renewables sector in both wind and PV power. Ingeteam is the first company in the country to provide O&M services, maintaining 2 GW of wind power capacity, meaning it is responsible for maintaining 49% of Mexico’s total installed capacity and the leading company in the supply of electronic power equipment with almost 2 GW. Ingeteam moreover manages over half the country’s existing solar capacity. The three largest PV plants in Mexico, located in Durango and Baja California, incorporate Ingeteam technology via their PV inverters.

This leadership was consolidated last year thanks to significant contracts including the Durango PV plant, the 30 MW Gran Solar plant in Camargo and the 20 MW TSK plant in Coahuila. These are in addition to the award of the services for two hydroelectric plants in the state of Jalisco that has helped Ingeteam access the Mexican hydropower sector.


Expanding services

Until now, Ingeteam Service’s commitment to its clients used to start when the machine came on line, by undertaking its integrated maintenance and supporting the management and operation of the wind farm throughout its service life. Since 2016, Ingeteam has extended its portfolio of services to include turbine assembly. In recent months, Ingeteam was awarded the contract to assemble 20 wind turbines destined for the La Bufa and Puerto Peñasco wind farms in the regions of Zacatecas and Sonora.

ingeteam_mex_1Strategic leadership

Ingeteam has consolidated as a leading company in the renewable energy sector, essentially basing its strategy on two values:

Firstly, it undertakes a high level of investment in research, innovation and development offering increasingly competitive, better quality and less expensive equipment. The results of this strategy have materialised in a high penetration of installed capacity in the country. Secondly, in the wind power sector, the company has over 1.6 GW installed in converters, representing more than 60% of the country’s total installed capacity. As regards PV energy, Ingeteam is the inverter manufacturer with the largest installed capacity given that currently every plant in Mexico with an installed capacity of more than 5 MW, bar one, has been connected using its equipment, which to date amounts to over 100 MW.

The other important value underpinning Ingeteam’s business strategy is its after-sales service. Here, the company has learned to adapt itself to the specific needs of the Mexican market, providing the maximum quality and efficiency in its level of service, offering its clients continuous assessment and successfully incorporating O&M services for power generation plants. In this sector, Ingeteam has positioned itself as the indisputable leader in the country, with 2 GW of maintained wind power, the equivalent of undertaking the maintenance of 49% of Mexico’s total installed capacity. For this, Ingeteam benefits from more than 300 service technicians who provide countrywide support.

Offices all over the country

Ingeteam has offices in Juchitán de Zaragoza and San Luis Potosí, both of which are dedicated to supplying O&M services to wind and photovoltaic farms. The Monterrey office focuses on the sale of PV inverters. There is one additional office in Mexico City, which is dedicated to equipment distribution and the execution of projects to automate and protect the power distribution grids and substations for the evacuation of renewable energy.

The company is also performing an important social role in those regions in which it is active. On the Tehuantepec Isthmus, Ingeteam is developing renewal energy communication and dissemination projects among the residents of the region thereby contributing to improved implementation and knowledge of renewable energy.