Ingeteam consolidates its leadership of specialist services in Mexico following the new Labour Reform

Ingeteam consolida su liderazgo en servicios especializados en México tras la nueva Reforma laboral

Transparency and legal compliance in everything that makes up the Ingeteam DNA. In the case of Ingeteam Mexico, this message has taken on even more protagonism in the past days, following the Mexican Government’s recent approval of the new labour reform, based on regulating outsourcing. In other words, it “bans the subcontracting of personnel, however permits the subcontracting of specialised services and the execution of specialised works that do not form part of the social objective or of the predominating economic activity”. A new, more legal and transparent scenario, which allows every energy agent that operates in the Mexican market to play by the same rules, thus adding value to the effort and the work that the company has been undertaking in Mexico since its foundation in 1998.

Since the Decree was passed in the Official Federation Gazette of 23 April, to date, only 7% of companies that started the registration process to provide specialised services in the country have achieved the official certification which confirms their status: the Specialist Services Provider Registry (REPSE). Ingeteam Mexico is one of the first companies in the country to have achieved this registration within the set period (by the 22 August 2021 deadline), which is an example of its ability to adapt quickly and its commitment to complying with the regulations and the safety of its internal and external clients.

Having achieved this registration, Ingeteam has now become part of the major changes that make the working structure of the country more robust.

Ingeteam has been present in the Aztec country since 1998. It has now consolidated as the leading company in the provision of O&M services for wind farms and the first also in the solar PV sector, managing more than half of the country’s installed solar capacity thanks to its inverters. Ingeteam has around 300 employees in Mexico with offices in Mexico DF and in Juchitán, in the state of Oaxaca.

The specialist services offered by Ingeteam Mexico particularly include preventive maintenance; major corrective measures in different technologies and sectors, in both the wind power and PV sectors; wind turbine blade repair; the automation of electrical substations; control systems; monitoring and the life extension of the renewable assets.