Ingeteam launches INGEPREDICT: a 360º solution for comprehensive predictive maintenance in the energy and industrial sectors

Ingeteam lanza INGEPREDICT: una solución 360 para el mantenimiento predictivo integral del sector energético e industrial

INGEPREDICT is Ingeteam’s new tool that makes it possible to combine all predictive maintenance products and services in a single brand, directed at increasing production and extending the service life of assets at industrial and renewable energy generation plants.

INGEPREDICT facilitates the early detection of faults, poor maintenance or any other deviation that could lead to unplanned downtime with the subsequent additional costs or loss of profit. We have brought together our portfolio of products and services in a compact, cost-saving solution for operation and maintenance, delivering close and immediate technical support to our customers.

Ingepredict offers the market a comprehensive predictive maintenance solution with great added value, by integrating into a single platform the different solutions for:

  1. Monitoring and diagnosis for the wind energy, hydropower, marine and rail sectors:
  1. INGESYS™CMS COMPACT: Design and manufacture of the hardware for vibration data capture.
    1. ACM SUITE SOFTWARE: Design and manufacture of the software for equipment data analysis and monitoring.
    2. DIAGNOSIS & MONITORING SERVICE: Monitoring and diagnosis service for all types of variables and signals.
    3. MULTIMANUFACTURER & MULTIDEVICE: Analysis software and service for any CMS manufacturer.
  • Predictive maintenance services:
  1. Wind Power: Technical inspections, end of warranty inspections, videoscopes, blade inspections and root cause analysis.
    1. Hydropower: Root cause analysis, thermography, electrical analysis and vibrations analysis using laptops.
    2. Marine: Root cause analysis, thermography, and electrical analysis.
  • Uptower repair services:
  1. Wind Power: Repairs of gearboxes and generators and the supply of spare parts.
    1. Marine: Replacement of bearings in motors and generators.

What differentiates INGEPREDICT from its competitors?

In the predictive maintenance market, it is normal to find companies selling CMS and software directed at providing monitoring services. On the other hand, other companies offer services such as inspections or uptower repairs. However, Ingeteam offers INGEPREDICT, a 360º solution that incorporates all these predictive maintenance products and services in a single brand, offering customers a comprehensive, multi-sector service with significant added value.

INGEPREDICT is able, for example, to forestall a bearing defect through vibration analysis, to continuously monitor its progress, to locate the defect through a videoscope inspection and, finally, to replace it on an as-needed basis.

Source: Ingeteam