Ingeteam maintains its leadership position in the PV solar sector in Mexico

More than 40% of the solar power installed in Mexico is equipped with Ingeteam PV inverters. This milestone was achieved thanks to the long track record of the Ingeteam group in this Aztec country, in which the company has been operating on an ongoing basis since 1998. At present, Mexico has slightly more than 100 MW of installed PV power, of which 46 MW correspond to INGECON SUN inverters.
Furthermore, over the last 5 years, Ingeteam has become the leading company in Mexico in the provision of renewable energy operation and maintenance services, whilst it is also amongst the leaders in Latin America as a whole.
Mexico has launched an ambitious energy plan, the Climate Change Act, which has a target of ensuring that 35% of the energy generated in Mexico comes from renewable sources by 2024. The PV inverters made by Ingeteam are responsible for converting the D.C. current generated by the solar panels into the A.C. current to be injected into the public grid. Thanks to the excellent performance of its equipment, Ingeteam has achieved its principal benchmark in Mexico: equipping the largest solar plant in the country.
At a world level, Ingeteam has 33 GW of the power supplied in the renewable energies market. With regard to Operation and Maintenance, Ingeteam also holds a leading position in Latin America. Whilst, with contracts for 1.1 GW in wind energy and 30 MW in solar energy O&M services, Ingeteam is recognised as the sector leader in Mexico, a country which has 1.85 GW of installed power in wind energy converters. From its offices in Mexico, Ingeteam provides support to Central America, and the company has already collaborated in other projects in Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, etc.
Ingeteam has more than 100 employees in Mexico and has offices in Oaxaca and Baja California Sur, dedicated to the provision of O&M services to wind and PV farms and, another office in Monterrey. Ingeteam also has an office in Mexico City, dedicated to the distribution of equipment and the execution of projects for the automation and protection of distribution power networks and substations for the transmission of renewable energies, focussed on wind and PV energy, and developing from this office the business activity in Central America. Nowadays, 15% of the Mexican wind power is being harnessed thanks to Ingeteam’s technology.