Ingeteam supplies PV inverters in USA

Ingeteam has supplied its new Ingecon Sun PowerMax 500 kW inverters in Jefferson, Wisconsin. The 1.2 MW PV project came online in December and it is one of the largest in the State.
This large-scale PV plant was built by the Chicago-based company Half Moon Ventures and it features the first ARRA compliant PV inverters that have been assembled at the new Ingeteam’s factory in Milwaukee.
Thanks to this solar power plant, the regional electric company will receive enough energy to power 150 homes. The solar panels, about 3,500 units, were built in the city of Jefferson for this project.
With more than 3 GW of solar PV inverters supplied worldwide, Ingeteam has developed the new Ingecon Sun PowerMax U central inverters specifically for the North American market, in compliance with the UL-1741 standard. These inverters feature maximum efficiency levels of 98.6%, 1000 Vdc, NEMA 3R protection ratings, DC and AC disconnections, and they are available with an output power of up to 880 kW. The inverter model installed in Jefferson was the Ingecon Sun 500 TL U X275 Outdoor.