Ingeteam supplies PV inverters to a 94 MW plant located in the Chilean desert

Ingeteam has already started to deliver its inverters to the Llano de Llampos PV plant in the north of Chile. This plant, located close to the city of Copiapó, in the region of Atacama, is to occupy a surface area of 306,7 hectares. In total, Ingeteam will cover 47 MW of the plant’s power output.
This solar plant, located at an altitude of 1004 metres above sea level in the Atacama desert, it to be equipped with 68 Ingeteam Ingecon Sun PowerMax central inverters and 304,848 PV modules. The inverters are housed inside 34 concrete enclosures or Power Stations, for perfect resistance to the extreme weather conditions prevailing in the area.
Furthermore, last June, the El Águila plant was successfully connected. At present, this plant located in the vicinity of Arica in the northernmost part of the region of Atacama, has a rated power output of 2 MW, however there are plans to increase its capacity up to 40 MW in the future. The electricity produced by the 8,000 solar panels is converted into alternating current by 3 central inverters from the Ingecon Sun Power PowerMax family and 2 small 20 kW three-phase inverters. This equipment is also housed inside a concrete enclosure.
30% of the production from this PV plant is directed at covering the energy requirements of a chemical plant operated by a mining company.[sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]
Both plants represent the consolidation of Ingeteam in Chile, showing that the company made the right decision when it decided to open a subsidiary in this Andean country, a little over a year ago.
The PV inverters
The INGECON® SUN 690TL X360 DCAC Indoor PV inverters, installed at the two plants in Chile, are at the forefront of the market for central inverters. With a maximum efficiency of 98.8% and a Master-Slave configuration, these transformerless inverters are designed to obtain the maximum performance from large PV plants. They are capable of delivering their maximum power output up to an ambient temperature of 45 ºC whilst contributing to the quality and stability of the electricity system due to their low voltage ride-through capability and the possibility of delivering reactive power even at night.
The Ingecon Sun 20 inverters installed at the El Águila plant, together with the above-mentioned central inverters, are three-phase units with a transformer, from the Ingecon Sun Smart range. This equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor (IP54) installation alike.
To date, Ingeteam has supplied more than 3 GWp to its customers, confirming its position as one of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers.