Inno Oil Ingeteam-Shell. Integral Solutions

On 5 March in Madrid, FuturEnergy attended the presentation of InnoOil, the new lubrication solution for wind turbines created by Ingeteam and Shell.

Ingeteam and Shell have combined their experience and ability to offer to their customers a comprehensive and configurable solution to the lubrication needs of wind farms. The union between these companies offers an international platform to address the comprehensive management of fleets by introducing the latest advances in lubrication.

The AD-HOC solution includes: comprehensive service, personalised study by fleet, analysis of samples, recommendations for product replacement, proposals for product application, shift + flushing, follow-up and analysis. The advantages of comprehensive service improve the useful life of assets, increase energy efficiency and optimise costs.

The Condition Monitoring System, INGESYS CMS was also presented which determines machine’s status, anticipating the appearance of functional anomalies by analysing vibrations, temperature, oil status among other aspects. Its benefits include early detection of upcoming damages, maintenance program optimisation, downtime reduction, spare parts savings and plant lifetime extension.