Institutional support for the electric vehicle

    VEA Strategy, Movele Programme and implementation of Directive 2014/94/eu: instruments for sustainable mobility

    For some years now, MINETUR and the General Secretariat of Industry and SMEs have clearly and soundly demonstrated their support for the electric vehicle. The most obvious example of this are the different official announcements under the Movele Programme to acquire electric vehicles in which the last three calls have amounted to a total provision of €27M.

    However the commitment of this Ministry to the electric vehicle is not just limited to promoting demand: in June this year, the Government passed the Agreement that acknowledges the Strategy for the Promotion of Alternative Energy Vehicles (VEA) in Spain 2014-2020. This strategy is the fruit of the combined efforts of the inter-ministry working group set up for the purpose and of the contributions made by the Autonomous Communities, local entities and leading sector associations.

    The Strategy falls within a specific line of activity defined by the Agenda for Strengthening the Industrial Sector in Spain, the purpose of which is to bring together the work of different ministerial departments with the aim of stimulating an industry linked to the development of the alternative energy automotive sector as part of the energy and environmental challenges assumed by Spain as an EU member state. Read more…

    Begoña Cristeto
    General Secretariat of Industry and SMEs

    Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2015