Integrated, innovative and efficient solutions for the hotel sector

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Current energy policies of official entities are designed to achieve a reduction in contaminant emissions, energy efficiency, control over environmental impacts and lowering energy consumption arising from energy use. These demands are particularly restrictive for the hotel sector, which consumes a high quantity of energy, but must continue to guarantee the comfort of its clients. In this regard, Bosch Group has intensified its efforts to offer hotels innovative and efficient solutions so that they can comply with current regulations.

Among other resources, the hotel sector uses a high quantity of energy in order to guarantee client comfort. This means that the availability of an appropriate system for domestic hot water (DHW) production, as well as for temperature control, whether heating and/or air conditioning, becomes a crucial aspect: the right choice can result in lower energy consumption and a more efficient use of the solutions implemented. The choice between one temperature control system or another not only affects client comfort, but also helps achieve a greater profit, as a reduction in expenditure of between 20 – 30% can be achieved, at the same time as reducing environmental impact.