Integrated O&M for energy generation and exchange facilities

    Ingeteam Service, part of the Ingeteam Group, is a leading company in the provision of integrated O&M services at energy generation and exchange facilities worldwide. From its head office in the Albacete Science and Technology Park, it manages the work of the 1,300 employees that make up its global workforce, rendering services to wind farms, PV installations and power generation plants. In addition,
    it maintains an active participation strategy in a range of R&D+i programmes that improve the existing technologies and are geared towards new production systems and new diagnostic techniques, applied to renewables installation maintenance.

    Wind. Ingeteam Service works in over 150 onshore and offshore wind farms, handling over 3,500 wind turbines and a total capacity in excess of 5,000 MW. Its maintenance models range from support for conservation equipment to preventive maintenance and minor corrective services, customised design
    and finally, the all-inclusive O&M of the installation. This latest model, the most comprehensive of them all, includes preventive maintenance and the environmental management of the wind farms. Furthermore it encompasses minor and major corrective services; safety elements, roads and infrastructures; online indicator monitoring; plant operation; monitoring and reporting; plant performance study; an efficiency analysis to achieve continuous improvement; the supply of spares and components; purchasing management: logistics and repairs.

    PV. Ingeteam Service operates and maintains more than 350 installations worldwide with a total capacity of 1,400 MW. The solutions offered guarantee their reliability and optimum efficiency. Its control centre continuously analyses each PV plant and anticipates possible incidents that might prevent its correct operation. Its maintenance service applies the most rigorous standards to extend the useful life of the plant. In addition it benefits from its own logistics centres that guarantee the supply of spares, offering the technical capacity to ensure the expected production. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2016