IRENA launches in partnership with CENER, the Global Atlas 3.0, the resource data for renewable energy professionals

IRENA, launched past May the 15th in a webinar from Abu Dhabi the new release of the Global Atlas 3.0 for Renewable Energies. It has been developed in partnership with the Computing and Software Development Service from CENER, and it is focused on the improvement of the usability from the user side, including new features and functionalities for mapping resources from different renewable energies.

The new Global Atlas 3.0 from IRENA, is an on-line geospatial platform which allows to perform a quick assessment of the renewable resources and the potential for energy generation in anywhere around the world. That’s why this tool is specially useful for miss-prospected markets, where there is a lack of real measurements for solar and wind energies and often, where numerical series are hard to get. And all of them are really critical when planing projects for the development of energies.


The Global Atlas 3.0, has been developed thinking about how different user groups may search the available maps and tools and manage the results (galleries). A most important added feature is the possibility to populate and share them (private and social network sharing option). The permanent underlying idea has been to provide a useful and appealing interface for dynamic project development.
In the near future a comprehensive view of all renewable energies may open the scope for new technologies and business models such as hybridizations, microgrids, virtual power plants, energy storage services, all of them positively contributing to balanced energy systems.

During the webinar, transmitted in streaming, some available new features and functionalities where explained, like how user can find information in map format about different energy resources (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass), how comments can be added or how to locally work with them. In addition, some tests about some of the available tools from the platform for the assessment of the energy capacities where performed. Tools for biomass-energy production simulation, for PV batteries or for grid integration of a PV system.

The webinar presentation attended by IRENA and CENER technicians is available in IRENA’s Youtube Channel.

Source: CENER