IRENA roadmap breaks new ground in renewable energy storage

    A new groundbreaking report from IRENA offers clear guidance as how to advance storage systems as part of the infrastructure for a sustainable energy future. Renewables and Electricity Storage, a report released on the sidelines of IRENA’s ninth Council meeting, prioritises 14 action points across five priority areas in which governments and industry can work together to facilitate the development of policies to store renewable electricity.

    The report is part of IRENA’s REmap 2030 programme that is committed to doubling the share of renewables in the electricity sector to 45% by 2030. To do so, an estimated 150 GW of battery storage and 325 GW of pumped storage will be needed, making storage a vital element in the expansion of renewable energy. This article is based on the abovementioned report.

    With solar and wind installation breaking new records each year, countries with ambitious plans for these renewable power generation technologies must consider the best ways to integrate variable renewables into the grid. Electricity storage is a key option available to manage variability and to guarantee a reliable, round-the-clock supply. Declining costs and improving capacities have made batteries and other storage technologies increasingly practical for upgrading existing power generation systems. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2015