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Sustainability is playing an increasingly central role in the tourism sector, arising from the growing concern of tourists and local residents over aspects including the environment, the impact of tourism on society and the local economy and employment. This concern is becoming clearer to see in businesses in the tourism sector, where the level of implementation of measures that guarantee the sustainability of their economic activity is rising.

Among the range of measures that businesses in the tourism sector can undertake as regards sustainability, is it easiest to start with those that have the most direct impact on the bottom line. As such, energy efficiency emerges as one of the areas in which more businesses are focusing their efforts, given that in addition to improving environmental sustainability, it enhances the company’s asset value.


The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) has been working throughout last year to develop an online platform (www. Based on the ITH Sustainability Model, it works as a self-diagnostic tool allowing those hotels that so wish undertake an analysis of their current situation as regards sustainability and obtain a raft of possible measures to be implemented that will improve their situation. From the outset, this project has enjoyed the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism.
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Óscar Alonso
Dept. of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, ITH

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2017