iSave Hotel: sustainability and energy efficiency for hotels

Improving the energy efficiency of the hotels, implementing a series of proposed measures in order to guarantee the sustainability of hotel establishments, while simultaneously promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the tourism sector. These are the objectives proposed by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) with a view to developing the ITH Tourism Sustainability Model, supported by the Secretary of State for Tourism. In turn, the iSave Hotel platform is the tool by means of which the ITH and the company iEnergy help hotels implement the measures covered by the model.

Guaranteeing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of tourism is essential to achieve feasibility and competitiveness in this sector. Harmonising the tourist industry and protection of the environment undoubtedly has to be the primary goal of Sustainable Tourism. In this regard, directives concerning the sustainable development of tourism and sustainable management practices have to be applied to all forms of tourism and to every type of destination.


Beyond environmental impact and energy saving, sustainability has a social and corporate dimension that affects every sphere of business and acts as a differentiating element as regards society. The world is shifting to becoming more respectful of the environment, and this compels tourism administration businesses and public entities to take an interest in renewable energy, ecological products, care over waste disposal and reduced pollutant emissions.
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Oscar Alonso
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability ITH

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2017