iSave Hotel: the energy efficiency platform for hotels extends its scope to the circular economy

In little under two years ITH, the Hotel Technological Institute has, with the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism, launched the ITH Sustainability Model. This model is geared towards hotel and tourist accommodation establishments and incorporates good practices and measures designed to improve their energy efficiency, helping them make greater economic savings while improving the level of sustainability of their businesses.

The ITH Sustainability Model is implemented via an online platform, called iSave Hotel, which hotels and tourist establishments access free of charge, and by means of which their managers can identify those saving measures that are most relevant to their own business. The tool includes a map of the funding available for efficiency measures, as well as a list of service providers and efficient products. Apart from being technologically open to tourist establishments, the iSave Hotel tool provides a free online advisory service on sustainability and energy efficiency, complemented by onsite technical advice. 52 hotel establishments, representing a total of 7,414 bedrooms, have already enjoyed the benefits of this service.

The more than 100 hotels that have registered for the online tool are distributed the length and breadth of Spain. They are on average 30 years old, with some buildings dating back to 1912 and categories ranging from 2- to 5-star. This wide spectrum of examples provides valuable information when determining considerations about the status of Spain’s hotel stock in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. Read more…

Óscar Alonso
Dept of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Hotel Technological Institute (ITH)

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2018