Isolux Corsán growing in photovoltaic market in the UK with contracts worth 96 M€

Isolux Corsán has gained a strong foothold on the U.K. photovoltaic solar energy market with the award of three new contracts for building the Penare, Egmere and Parley solar plants in addition to the project for building the 31.6 MWp Stradishall solar plant located in Suffolk County. This latter project, which will commence operation in late 2013, will be producing 30,200 MWh/year, an amount of electric power capable of supplying 8,000 households.
The new Stradishall solar plant, totaling an area of 59.5 hectares, will be comprised of 127.200 modules and will be preventing the emission of 33,120 tons of CO2 and 94,213 kg of nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. The power generated by this plant will be injected into the system of the UK Power Networks, the electric power distribution network operator covering southeastern England, the East and London.
The other three contracts are for the construction and commissioning of the new solar plants in Penare, Egmere and Parley, totaling the amount of 61 million euros in all. These projects are being executed in collaboration with the developer British Solar Renewables. The Penare plant, located in Cornwall County, will have 24.2 MWp of power and a production of 11,486 MWh/year, covering an area of 21.9 hectares, and its 44,544 modules will be able to annually supply more than 3,000 households. The Western Power Distribution Company will be receiving the energy generated by this facility.
The Egmere solar plant in Norfolk County, will have 11.1 MWp of power, will be producing 20,703 MWh/year for UK Power Networks and will total an area of 38.2 hectares. This plant will consist of a total of 84,960 modules, and its production will assure the supply of 5,480 homes per year. Lastly, the Parley Plant in Dorset County will total an area of 38,295 hectares and will have a production of 26,769 MWh/year for the SSE Utility Solutions Company. With 21.2 MWp of power, its 96,864 modules will make it possible to cover the consumption of 7,090 homes per year.
These three plants combined will be preventing the emission of 64,659 tons of C02 and 183,928 kg of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Banco Santander has placed its trust, by way of a corporate capital investment, in Isolux Corsán’s experience for these new projects, in addition to the three solar plants of a 15 MW installed power connected to the Western Power Distribution network which this Company completed in this country in 2011.