Isolux Corsán signs a new contract in Mexico

Isolux Corsán has signed a new contract in Mexico for the construction and installation of 26 kilometres of transmission lines and 10 substations in Mexico City, and the states of Mexico and Hidalgo, with a price tag of $90 million. This project, awarded by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), has a lead time of 1 year and 5 months.
The 2nd Phase of the “Mexico Valley Distribution” Project includes the construction of four 85 and 230 kV transmission lines and 10 substations, 4 of which GIS, include 230/115/85 and 23 kV, with a capacity of 420 MVA and 73.8 MVAr compensation and 83 high voltage feeders.
With this award, the largest transmission and distribution power line project in the country in recent years, CFE reaffirms their confidence in the company’s experience in the area of T&D, having entrusted our Group with numerous projects in the past 23 years. These projects include the construction and commissioning of about 5,000 km of high and medium voltage transmission lines, 50 high and medium voltage transformer and distribution substations and the execution of the 188 SE 1116, valued at more than €900 Million.