JinkoSolar presents six new and prototype products at SNEC 2017

JinkoSolar has presented six new and prototype products at the SNEC Show in Shanghai. Making its début is the ultra-power concept, as showcased by the Mono PERC 60 310 W modules, MCT 60 Poly 285 W, MCT Dual-Glass 60 Poly 285 W, N-Type Bifacial 60 310 W, Half-Cut PERC Mono 60 320 W and Multi Wire Mono 60 320 W modules, which produce 5-10 watts more power than their counterparts.

The introduction of mono PERC is a major move by JinkoSolar, having previously focused on high-efficiency multicrystalline modules. The new mono PERC module, which uses its PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) cell technology, is made with 60 cells and up to 310 W. JinkoSolar also indicated that its prototype mono products and new mono modules using half-cut cells and multi wire technologies, will boost the power output of a 60-cell solar module up to 320 W, making them the most powerful mono PERC products available in the market. The company commented that offering mono PERC modules provided a more extensive product portfolio.


The MCT series is based on MCT texturing technology, featuring superior low-light performance and light trapping capabilities, as well as strengthened mechanical load to eliminate microcrack. MCT dual glass module enables a prolonged service life of over 30 years, thanks to the outstanding PID-free protection of its double glass structure. Both reach outputs of up to 285 W.

It is also the first time for JinkoSolar has launched P-type bifacial technology on mono crystalline, capable of generating 10-30% extra energy thanks to the diffused and reflected light contributed by the module’s rear side, with an output of up to 310 W.

JinkoSolar also presented one of its high reliability concepts. These six new modules combine extremely high efficiency performance and enhanced durability with an elegant design. These qualities ensure that JinkoSolar’s technology makes a good impression on the large-size category. These new models and prototype offer optimum performance and robust environment-resistant technology in all areas. Their high efficiency characteristics are the ideal solution for residential, utility-scale and commercial installations.