JinkoSolar, R&D to make the solar sector a more profitable and economic business

JinkoSolar holds the world record for 60-cell monocrystalline PV module output of 343.9 watts and the world record in 60-cell polycrystalline PV module output of 334.5 watts for pilot production. Its mass production PV modules include 330 W and 280 W polycrystalline modules – the highest power modules commercially available on the market. The company is moreover developing new products, such as monocrystalline PERC technology that will produce 350 W 72-cell PV modules and 290 W 60-cell PV modules.

Smart PV modules with output power have been optimised with integrated circuits in their junction boxes and dual glass, upgrading the current portfolio to operate at 1500 V and offering a 30-year linear warranty.

JinkoSolar’s modules come with an anti-PID guarantee. In line with the IEC 62804 standard, these tests are performed under conditions of 60°C with 85% relative humidity. The Jinko modules were in fact the first to pass a test of 85°C with 85% relative humidity. The module is built out of more resistant encapsulation materials. The solar cells go through special treatment avoid the occurrence of leakage currents that might cause sudden degradation in the module and power losses of up to 30% on specific strings.


As regards the temperature coefficient, JinkoSolar’s Eagle module has a maximum power loss of -0.40%/°C, with some types of modules offering -0.39%/°C. This translates into an enhanced energy yield.

NOCT and STC: according to the data sheet, the nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT) provides more value than the power under standard test conditions because it takes place under more realistic conditions. JinkoSolar’s modules offer the highest NOCT among the top manufacturers and this means a greater energy yield for its customers’ projects.

For several years running, Photon Lab Test has recognised the modules from JinkoSolar as “Best Module of the Year”, thanks to the company’s leading position in module yield measurements.