July 2019

FuturENERGY Digital – N 62

Cover Story


With the aim of increasing the efficiency and energy production of PV cells and modules, the solar industry is making continuous improvements in PV technology. As one of the leading PV manufacturers, JinkoSolar is working daily to develop more efficient modules with a high power density, increasing the ratio of high efficiency monocrystalline modules in its portfolio and introducing innovations that nowadays are mainstream for PV industries, such as the monofacial Cheetah and bifacial Swan products. Both are equipped with high efficiency, 158.75 mm cells, in full cell and half cell (HC) versions.

The reliability of these high efficiency modules has been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland that has recently ranked JinkoSolar as one of the first PV module manufacturers to have achieved the new LeTID test certificate. The test against LeTID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation), also known as Carrier Induced Degradation (CID), was performed according to the new LeTID testing standard (2 PfG 2689/04.19), which has been under development for almost two years.

In early 2019, JinkoSolar had already highlighted that it had been focusing on reducing the oxygen and metal content levels in its P-type mono-PERC and N-type monocrystalline wafers to reduce the impact of LeTID. This had resulted in the P-type mono-PERC cell efficiencies only degrading by around 1%, while the N-type monocrystalline cells efficiencies only degraded by 0.2%, in accordance with the IEC 63202-1 standard.