July-September 2021

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This year to date, JinkoSolar has beat several cell and module efficiency records, making the most of its excellent R&D capacities, as well as its experience and knowledge in the fields of silicon wafers, cells and modules. These records show how JinkoSolar is focused on technological innovation, driving the PV industry to overcome technology bottlenecks, and ratifying its commitment to providing its global clients with efficient, competitive industrial products at the cutting edge of technology.

The first record was broken at the start of the year, when JinkoSolar achieved a 24.9% conversion efficiency record for N-type large-area monocrystalline silicon cells, which was confirmed by the Institute for Solar Energy Research of Hamelin (ISFH) in Germany. The record-breaking mono-Si solar cell was fabricated on a high quality, low defect Czochralski (CZ) mono-Si substrate. Advanced diffusion with highly activated dopant; the high-quality surface passivation; highly conductive passivating contact technologies from JinkoSolar; along with a series of innovative technologies and material upgrades were integrated into the cell process to set this new record of 24.9%.

At about the same time, the company had announced a new conversion efficiency record for its N-type module, by recording a value of 23.01%, certified by TÜV Rheinland, and breaking the world record that JinkoSolar itself had set in 2020 of 22.39%. This milestone was possible thanks to its industry-leading vertical integration technology, which integrates the company’s N-type TOPCon high-efficiency cell technology and a high-energy density module design with advanced module welding and packaging technology. This combination increases the module’s optical gain and reduces internal resistance losses, while increasing the proportion of cell area in the module. The end result has been a further breakthrough in module efficiency, while significantly improving its aesthetics.




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