Kaiserwetter sets sight on America: EnerTech company opens an office in New York to revolutionize the renewable energy sector

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH, the Hamburg-based independent and international service provider for the management of renewable energy assets, has opened an office in New York, USA, to set up a digital data mining hub for North and South America.

American institutional investors are very interested in moving into renewable energy assets worldwide. Furthermore, the North and South American markets for renewable energies are growing strongly because these facilities produce energy at competitive prices compared to conventional power stations. Kaiserwetter’s digital portfolio management platform has been specifically developed to support this type of ROI-driven investment approach. After all, such investment decisions – which can amount to billions of dollars and be on a global scale – are designed to maximize returns and minimize risks in order to ensure the highest possible degree of investment security. Focusing on these economic foundations is the only way to sustainably drive the necessary investments in renewable energies around the world so that the shared goals of the Paris Climate Accord can be met.


Digital portfolio management platforms – a prerequisite for internationally active investors

For Kaiserwetter’s clients such as investment houses, family offices and banks, having a digital platform that makes it possible to actively steer and remotely monitor their global investments is key to achieving their investment goals. Kaiserwetter’s ARISTOTELES platform provides the necessary technical and economic KPIs automatically, up-to-the-minute and free of any type of manipulation. Executive-level dashboards tailored to clients’ individual needs show the results of the system’s data analysis, which makes controlling and reporting processes much more efficient.

By using the Internet of Things, smart data analytics and predictive data simulations, ARISTOTELES helps to substantially maximize the performance of the renewable energies portfolio while at the same time minimizing its risks. This ensures maximum transparency for investments in renewable energy assets on a global level – no matter whether investors are based in Buenos Aires or New York.

Transparency leads to trust which leads to investment security – that’s the triple promise of the ARISTOTELES digital platform,” Schoklitsch emphasizes. “This way Kaiserwetter contributes to encouraging investors and banks to use their capital streams and financial resources to invest in renewable energies around the world – including America.

Source: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH