Käufer announces the release of a new rotor blade access system (BAS) for wind turbines up to 12 MW

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Käufer GmbH Befahrtechnik will introduce their new K-BP-4 BAS particularly aiming for the large and powerful wind turbine classes at the WindEnergy Hamburg for the first time. With the new TÜV approved system, rotor blade specialists will be enabled to perform scheduled maintenance as well as advanced repairs on rotor blades from wind turbines, current assessed up to 12 MW class and e.g. 200 meters hub height.

Käufer aspires to commercially release the K-BP-4 in Spring 2019, and aims & set objectives that the BAS can be used on most conventional wind turbines worldwide.

Safe maintenance even with large tower heights and bad weather

With the new BAS Kaufer adapts to the continuous improving safety and technical requirements for working in the harsh environmental conditions surrounding wind turbine towers and rotor blades.

With the K-BP-4 BAS it will be possible to maintain rotor blades with protruded blade tips up to 18 meters away from the tower, which in particular is the case with today’s state of the art pre-bend rotor blades. The new BAS features side gangways which can be opened mechanically, enabling personnel to reach the full 360° longitudinal repair area surrounding rotor blades.

The BAS will feature a three-way wire rope / winch suspension, which will ensure a significant improved stabilization of the platform in comparison with performance of its predecessors, and which will result in a clear measurable safety- and user experience.

Upon customer requirements, Käufer can supply an optional enclosure providing operators and blade specialists a protective shelter enabling continuity of work during bad weather or other undesired environmental conditions and/or simply securing specific conditions for repair.

Source: Käufer GmbH Befahrtechnik