The development potential of solar PV projects in Central America has multiplied in recent years. Guatemala already has an important connected plant, while there are other interesting projects in an advanced phase of construction in Honduras, El Salvador and Panama, where 60 MW of PV projects have recently been awarded under public tender. The combined effect of institutional support together with the development potential for distributed generation facilities will result in the installation of over 250 MW for the region during 2015.

When undertaking the development of PV facilities in the region, it is important to bear in mind the meteorological and geological characteristics of the different geographical areas of Central America. These variables have to be taken into account when performing feasibility studies as well as later on, during the design and execution phases of the plants, so as to guarantee the long-term efficiency and profitability of the projects.

Many areas of the region offer no measurement records on the meteorological conditions taken using properly calibrated and maintained precision ground-based equipment. And there is even less sufficient historic data to carry out a proper analysis of the solar resource and the other weather conditions that impact on the operation of the plant.
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Andrés Sandoval
Head of Business Development, Enertis Solar

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015