KNX technology: a powerful ally to achieve hotel efficiency

Just as no two guests are the same, there are no two identical hotels. And because they also have different demands and objectives, Jung offers every hotel a customised efficiency and comfort solution to respond to its services and goals.

With over one hundred years of experience, Jung is responding to the challenge of energy efficiency, ease of operation and economic profitability in every solution it has created for the tertiary sector, whether this involves newly constructed buildings or refurbishments, where full management of the electrical system is required or the partial control over lighting, HVAC, mood settings, access, etc., for bedrooms or specific parts of the building.

An economic solution to automate the lighting or to open and close room blinds, particularly in the case of refurbishments, is based on modern key card receivers and relay modules. Thanks to these mechanisms, welcome, mood or complete blackout settings can be programmed, covering lighting, plugs and blinds. This is a simple two thread system, with control options via personalised, user-friendly sensor modules that provide a high level of comfort for the guest, while achieving considerable energy savings for the establishment. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2018