Photovoltaic specialist Krannich Solar opens its first branch in Mexico

Photovoltaic wholesaler Krannich Solar furthers its worldwide expansion with the opening of a sales office in Mexico City. To date, this market has been successfully serviced by Krannich Solar’s branch in California. The new Mexico City sales office will be able to directly accommodate the growing local customer base.

In Mexico solar energy is being deployed via system sizes up to 500 kW by means of the net metering method. This makes a photovoltaic system especially attractive for households, businesses and industries” confirmed Kurt Krannich, founder and owner of the photovoltaic wholesaler. “We are registering a constant increase in applications for photovoltaic systems for private households and medium-sized enterprises which is the ideal segment for us as a wholesaler. And our assumption is that the market will keep on growing over the coming years.”
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According to a study by the EPIA, Mexico is one of the most attractive locations worldwide for solar energy. Due to high and steadily rising electricity prices of the national utility, the Comisión Federal de la Electricidad (CFE), the usage of photovoltaic energy in households and businesses is generating increasing attention. At the moment the installed capacity continues to be relatively low, nevertheless electricity production from photovoltaic energy has doubled over the last two years.