Kyocera Expands Solar-Plus-Storage Offerings in Germany

Several weeks ago, Kyocera Corporation announced its plans to sell two different energy storage units to residential customers in Germany. The 4.8-kilowatt-hour and 7.2-kilowatt-hour units will be available in May, sold through its German distributor Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs.
Kyocera’s lithium-ion batteries are the core of the new systems, which feature inverters from Energetik and Datensysteme’s energy monitoring software and hardware.

Kyocera claims that the units will achieve a charging efficiency of 97 percent. This, it says, is due to the multi-inverter, which incorporates functions of both a solar power inverter and battery inverter.

In America, meanwhile, Kyocera has been involved in solar storage since last year, through a deal with Stem. It currently provides integrated solar and storage units for commercial power users, with Stem supplying the energy management component. But Ikeda, general manager of the Solar Energy Marketing Division at Kyocera, hinted that the company was looking to move into the residential energy storage market in the U.S. as well.