Energy efficiency, a new dimension for housing associations

    Energy efficiency is a key future commitment for the residential sector. And the property manager becomes an essential agent as making the right decisions in the management of the building, with the prior approval of the housing association, is fundamental for reducing environmental impact. The only way of saving energy in homes without having to reduce the level of communal services for the property as a whole is to be more efficient in terms of energy.

    And although the legislative efforts of the Government are heading towards a reduction in the ecological “footprint” of buildings, we are still a long way away from achieving the 20-20-20 commitment that requires all private buildings to have nearly zero-energy consumption by 2020.

    As a result CAFMadrid, the Madrid Association of Professional Property Managers, believes that a series of measures must be approved that are designed to achieve this aim. For example, promoting the channels and the financing formulae and subsidies allocated to improve energy efficiency.

    Manuela Julia Martínez Torres
    President of the Madrid Association of Professional Property Managers

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2015