The energy of the future, available today

    There are very few people left who think that the planet’s energy future does not involve widescale use of renewable energies and many governments’ support around the world for renewables is increasingly visible. Whether it is because of the resource, with the aim of achieving greater energy independence and ensuring supply, or for economic and environmental reasons, year after year we see how investment in renewables increases and spreads to new markets.

    However, unfortunately we also find places where they want to stem the tide, imposing absurd tolls on its natural expansion, protecting the business of traditional energy companies.

    In the renewable energies mix, as well as hydro, wind and photovoltaic are as of today the most widely used, with around 300 and 100 GW respectively. They are already considered mature technologies capable of competing in many markets with conventional generation. Wind and photovoltaic have principally been installed, as well as in China, in Europe and North America, where generation using these sources is used as a “fuel saver”, ousting conventional generation (combined cycles and coal).

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014