Energy in 2013

    LA ENERGÍA EN 2013

    In the energy world 2013 was a year of “more of the same”, following the main trends of earlier years, with no convincing steps forward towards the de-carbonisation needed if the increase in the planet’s average temperature is to be limited to 2ºC.

    2013’s climate summit in Warsaw saw no spectacular progress, maintaining the trend from previous years of postponements and non-binding minimum agreements. At the last minute one binding global agreement for approval in Paris in 2015 was accepted, but without a clear road map, which is expected to be hashed out in the 2014 summit in Peru. We attained the unhappy record in 2013 of reaching 400 ppm of CO2 and 36 GtCO2 for the first time.

    On a positive note the presentation by Barack Obama of the US Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution, preparing the United States to remedy the effects of climate change and to lead international efforts in this issue represents a shift in environmental commitment.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014