Planning for energy transition in Mexico


Mexico stands out on the global stage for having one of the most ambitious sets of goals for non-fossil fuel generation. The Law for Renewable Energy Optimisation and Energy Transition Financing (LAERFTE in the Spanish acronym) requires that by 2024 participation of non fossil fuels in electricity generation be 35%.

To achieve this, the use of renewable technologies needs to be increased and speeded up, while at the same time protecting energy security and environmental sustainability. This means energy sources must be diversified and fossil fuels reduced in order to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

Mexico has major potential for renewable energy resources which, properly husbanded, will allow the country to achieve this goal. For example, in most of the country, solar radiation is among the highest in the world, double that of Germany, the country with the most PV solar technology installed capacity in the world.

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014