Smart Cities. Smart City Expo World Congress 2014 Special Edition


Our special report focusing on Smart Cities is published as part of the November 2014 issue of FuturENERGY and also as a separate report.

It was distributed to exhibitors and visitors at the Smart City Expo World Congress, an event that took place in Barcelona from 18 – 20 November.

This special report includes the following:

  • The management of energy resources in a smart city
  • Smart cities and the environment
  • Smart energy
  • The CITyFiED Project: replicable and innovative future efficient districts and cities

Case Studies: Coruña Smart City, Rubí Brilla, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona

Equipment for smart cities

  • Remote energy consumption management at city halls
  • Lighting for beaches and seafronts, an urban challenge
  • New low cost, high performance light regulator for street lighting
  • High efficiency luminaires for street lighting