The energy services companies: committed to saving

The world of energy services companies has undergone a significant stimulus in Spain in recent years due to different factors such as European directives, the 20-20-20 target and the need for many companies to find ways of maximising their competitiveness in times of crisis. While in other countries such as Germany, Canada and the US, this type of business has enjoyed a longer and more stable trajectory, Spain still needs to see greater development and wider knowledge of what the energy services companies can bring to the table.

The first of the objectives of ANESE (the Spanish Association of Energy Services Companies), as an association, is that the market has a clear idea of what an energy services company is and what it offers. The main characteristics of an ESCO (Energy Services Company) are that it provides its client with a guaranteed energy saving and contractually undertakes to achieve the expected saving.

In addition to and in order to comply with this commitment, the responsibility of the ESCO goes much further as it has to supervise, monitor and manage all the measures taken for saving and energy efficiency. Its premise is to maintain and improve its client’s comfort.

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2014