LATAM Airlines signs a contract with Acciona for 100% renewable energy

From September this year, Acciona will supply 100% renewable electricity to the two main facilities of LATAM Airlines Group. The contract is part of the framework of both companies’ commitment to reduce the effects of climate change.

Through the contract, LATAM’s facilities at Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in Santiago de Chile, which include its corporate offices and the operation and maintenance base for its aircraft fleet, will be supplied with energy from renewable generation installations of Acciona.

This supply, covering 80% of LATAM’s consumption in Chile, will allow the airline to avoid the emission of 5,850 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere per year, producing the same air cleaning effect as that of 292,500 trees through photosynthesis.

Acciona’s energy portfolio in Chile consists of the 246-MWp El Romero Solar photovoltaic plant in the Atacama Desert and the 45-MW Punta Palmeras wind farm in the region of Coquimbo. It is currently building a second wind farm (San Gabriel, with a capacity of 183 MW) in La Araucanía, and over the next year will begin construction work on the Almeyda and Usya photovoltaic plants in the regions of Atacama and Antofagasta, respectively, and the Tolpán wind farm in La Araucanía.

Source: Acciona