Convinced of the need to change their energy model, Latin American countries have been galvanised into implementing more and more renewable energy projects. Soltec Energías Renovables is committed to technology and innovation as it takes its first step into South America.

The future is, and has to be, renewable. No doubt about it. And, in spite of many people having reservations, it is actually profitable. Over recent years, solar PV has undergone huge development in terms of efficiency and as a result has become one of energy sources that has enjoyed the highest growth at global level, demonstrating that it is fully able to compete with fossil fuels and even nuclear power.

One of the factors that has lead to solar PV being able to effectively compete with other energy sources has been the commitment shown by many companies worldwide in terms of investment in innovation and technology. This is the case of Soltec Energías Renovables, a company based in Spain with over ten years experience in the solar sector which, following the stagnation of the domestic market, has found them expanding into other, mainly Latin American, markets. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015